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Custom Performance Reports

MSIC’s Custom Performance Reports (CPRs) take a credit union’s financial data and bench marks their performance to different credit union peer groups. These peer groups can be geographic, or based on other characteristics such as asset size, membership or zip code, etc. The CPRs are available in a variety of formats depending on the needs of the credit union: print-copy, PowerPoint or PDF format.

The CPRs are released to MSIC Member Credit Unions and other credit union customers once every quarter following the issuance of 5300 Call Report Data from the NCUA.

All versions of the CPRs analyze different aspects of a credit union’s financial information including, but not limited to Share Portfolio, Loan Portfolio and Operating Expenses.

MSIC has proudly produced CPRs for its members and customers for 25 years and currently makes these valuable reports for over 29% of the US credit union industry.

The CPR is designed to provide insight to credit union management and board members enabling them to improve the financial performance of their credit unions and conduct strategic planning.

The Original CPR is 40 pages of intense analysis covering every different financial aspect of a credit union. Great points for discussion accompany every page, perfect for in-depth strategy.

The Original CPR report is intended for detailed analysis, and is a great complement for senior management or Executive Committees.

This report is available in Print, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

The CPR for Credit Union Directors is based on MSIC’s original CPR, but it has been tailored to meet the specific needs of credit union directors. It has been designed to highlight key performance areas and can be reviewed in a single Board meeting.

Over 20 pages, this report concisely covers all the different aspects of a credit union’s performance. Each page also is accompanied by great points for discussion, perfect for a board meeting.

Directors CPR’s are available in Print and Adobe PDF Format.

The standard peer groups provided by the CPR reports do not always correspond to a credit union’s peers. Credit unions now have the ability to fully customize their CPRs by selecting the peer group criteria.

Custom peer groups can include any grouping of credit unions imaginable. Similar geographic locations, similar membership base – even credit unions in the same zip code – can be developed into peer groups.

Custom peer groups can give your credit union a more refined benchmark for comparison. Please contact MSIC for more information on making the right custom peer group for your credit union.

MSIC works with many different organizations to supply our CPR report to their membership. MSIC has customized each CPR to meet each organization’s unique needs.

Various credit union leagues and charitable organizations have joined forces to supply these speciality CPRs to their membership.

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